“We (my son and I) were welcomed with friendly staff and they were very helpful. Doctor was very nice and helpful in explaining how to take the treatment prescribed at home for my son.”

– Ricardo C.

“Dr Johnson fixed my neck so that I could turn my head again and gave me tips so that working at my computer all day doesn’t continue to mess up my neck and hips.”

– Brittany G.

“I recommend everything about Elite Chiropractic! Dr. Hilliard is intelligent, very knowledgeable, determined, caring, and professional. His staff is supportive and accommodating. The facility is clean and comfortable. It’s awesome to have onsite x-ray capability. This is a chiropractic office that gets measurable results. I got a half-inch taller! If you have scoliosis, this is the place to go. I knew the energy was good when I saw that a black labrador worked there.”

– Susie E.

“Elite Chiropractic is an excellent business! I have known them for several years and have always been impressed with their work and their customer service abilities.”

– Ken G.

“I started going to Doc Collin years ago after a fall. He helped with PT and even fixed issues with my back that I had years before the fall.

About a year ago I had another fall. I had been meaning to go back before the fall just for routine adjustments but never made time.

The issues from the fall have healed with his help. I made the decision to take care of myself more and signed up for his monthly maintenance plan which is very affordable.

I really do feel Doc Collin is a major factor in my mobility. His staff is friendly and encouraging also.

He specializes in scoliosis treatment also.”

– Mary A.

“Thanks for taking care of my little girl.”

– Roger K.

“Thank you so much for all you all have done for my son. It means a lot to me and my family!”

– Candace B.

“He is amazing and you feel instant relief.”

– Debbie G.